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Christmas Greetings

David, Liz & Jeremy Roy and the family of SHCC wish you a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.

Christmas Special Service- 19th Dec 2010

An evening of Christmas Celebration, Carols by Candle Lights, Kids Dance, Variety of food & fun. Why not come & join us!

How Good is Your Foundation?

This month at SHCC, we are learning to do a safety-check on our lives, by asking ourselves this question, “How good is my foundation?”.


SHCC joins hands with the BackToChurchSunday initiative this Summer and our folk look forward to inviting their friends/ neighbours to church.

Mission Outreach

One Way; One Truth; One God. This month @ SHCC we step out (of our church) in obedience to take this uncompromisable message to the local community along with the good news of the gospel, with the love & compassion of our Lord Jesus Christ. Encourage you to join us experience the eternal joy that God has for you.

Spirit-filled Life

At our church during the months of May & June, we will be uncovering the significance of being Spirit-filled, and thereby living our lives in the abundance and fruitfulness that God wants us to enjoy.

Anniversary Celebrations 2010

SHCC will be celebrating 15 years of God’s faithfulness on the 16th of May 2010, since its inception. Please join us in our celebrations followed by lunch – Carribean & South Asian Cuisine.

Dunamis- plug into the power

Join us at SHCC as we focus this month on the ‘Dunamis Power’ that God has made available for us, His children, through the death and glorious ressurection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Embrace The Cross

Embrace The Cross :: The Magnet In That Old Hunk of Wood

Radical Christianity

This month at SHCC we will be learning and understanding about what it means to be ‘Radical for Christ’, by exploring spiritual roots – the roots of faith, hope, love and joy. Come and join us!

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